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The cure seeds

The Cure strain

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The Cure | Mr. Nice

Bred from complex parallels to combine allot of genetic material from proven male lines of outstanding pedigree since the 70s. This limited seed line has secrets in it if nurtured well and selected with all one`s senses. There are very practical indoor plants to be found and old school aromas waiting to be freed into life. Would not recommend for outdoors flowering in the Northern Hemisphere unless in a greenhouse and then it would require shading to complete the cycle.

The cure seeds

The Cure grows like a Sativa and flowers like an Indica meaning it doesn’t need to be a Friday to fall in love with this baby. This CBD enriched strain cites Critical Mass as one of its key influences and, as you’d expect given its lineage, is a large yielder. The Cure is an eclectic mix of rich, honey sweetness and deep, strong and complex aromas. A genuine feelgood strain, the exquisite blend of CBD and THC is the perfect antidote for those Inbetween Days. Ideal for soothing aches and pains its the strain of choice for those looking for a relaxant that doesn’t tie you to the couch.

You won’t find a better CBD rich strain in this price bracket and you can take that to the bank!

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