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The toad seeds

Found a seed in Tyson’s Ranch, “The Toad” strain

I bought this strain last weekend and my friend was taking pictures of it to send to his buddy and after zooming in, we noticed there was a little brown thing tucked into the bud. I figured it was a seed and sure enough, it was!

I have never grown cannabis in my life and I know having a seed like this is a big come up so if anyone can give me some pointers to ensure this plant successfully grows, I would really appreciate it. This strain was grown indoor and is an indica so i’m not sure if that means that since it was grown indoor I need to grow this indoor or if I can just plant it outside? Is it a different process of growing if it’s an indica? I really want to be successful in this grow, i’m not sure if i should save the seed and try my hand at growing different plants before I plant this one. I might be overthinking it but all of my friends are telling me I got to grow this thing and I want to be successful lol.

I’d appreciate any help!

The sidebar is full of great info! Also that’s a nice looking seed, and I’d carefully check the bud for more. Good luck!

West Coast- More ideal growing climate Easier to manipulate small things like lack of sun exposure, rain if you were to grow outdoors. Personally, I’d grow indoors using a 5 gallon fabric pot. Organic coco, Peet, perlite mix Organic soil conditioner Mother Earth Soil (medium) *Fox Farm or similar **MAKE SURE MEASURE TOTAL=5 DRY GALLON *300w to 1000w light, depending on brand, dependability, etc. *carbon filter *intake fan = to *outake fan *carbon bag hung from grow tent *order cheap 4×4 grow tent or set up in closet with the same set up with fans, lights, etc. *soak soil thoroughly with ph balanced filtered water or water of your choice (no tap) *use pinky finger to poke 1 inch hole in middle of pot and place seedling with the point going upwards DONT DO THE PAPER TOWEL OR H2O *lightly cover with non clumped soil *start light schedule immediately *3 weeks Vegetation (12/12 off) light schedule *Switch to (18/6) light schedule *keep environment clean, *free of pests *spray with some sort of light magnesium spring water

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As far as bag seeds go, I’m sure it’ll turn out to be some good smoke, but cookie crosses like this tend to herm (produce seeds through self pollination) pretty regularly. If you want to try growing cannabis, my suggestion would be to do some research on growing outdoors ( should have some good starter info) and start with that seed. If you enjoy it, you can consider investing the $500-$1000 it takes to put together an indoor grow.

KISS, Keep It Simple, Stupid. (Not directed style you) Start with your budget first. If you’re only looking to grow just that one plant vs say 2-4 that changes things right? So let’s say just one seed you could effectively get away with a smaller tent. For sake of asking a bunch of questions I would go with a 4×2, if on a budget find a 6” inline/carbon filter kit. If not, opt for the AC Infinity 6” with Remote. It’s expensive but worth it and more than enough for a tent that size which means you are mkre future proof if you decide to grow more or get a bigger tent. get a 8 tube T5 fixture which is cost effective, doesn’t produce heat like other lights including LEDs, and is step dimmable (usually has switches for partial activation). 1 clear solo cup and 1 red one to keep the clear cup covered. Drill a few drainage holes and start there. Transfer to a 1gallon fabric pot for first transfer then transfer to a 3 gallon fabric pot for the final home. Start with some Happy Frog potting soil as a base medium or anything similar, ask around. Same with nutes, I’d keep it super super simple. Make the roots stretch by watering less, not often and not regularly. Lastly just top them, don’t worry about LST that will happen naturally if you trellis during the flower period. But you’ll read any and everything im sure just remember if it seems like it’s a lot it probably is and you can always simplify it. They are easy to grow and pretty resilient to our fuck ups.

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