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Tire fire seeds

Tire fire seeds

At the Cannapot Hempshop you can order a lot of different types of cannabisseeds from worlds finest breeders. You can find feminized seeds, regular cannabisseeds, automatic seeds and we also offer a nice selection of fine medical CBD seeds with a lot of cannabidiol. We have the finest seedbanks from all over the world, we list over 165 different seedbanks with incredible good genetics. You can buy marijuana seeds legal without creating an account – if you have an account you only need to do it once, all data is saved temporarily and the specifications of your account are secured by SSL – it is highly encrypted. If you need more genetics you can have a look at myCannapot myCannapot is our special auctionsystem where you can find real rare seeds, some bargains and a lot of very interesting cannabisstrains. All the weedseeds come directly from the breeder so have a look and maybe you are lucky to get some real nice stuff.

Shipping and returns
All costs, the shipping and handling, as well as the costs of the moneytransaction and the customs duty, pay our customers.

All goods will be delivered with the Austrian Post – if the amount is higher than EUR 100,– we will send the order always insured. If the amount is under EUR 100,– we send it regular but you have an option at the orderprocess where you can choose an insured delivery – this service costs EUR 3,10 extra. If you wish a Stealth-Delivery you can also choose this during the orderprocess – for this service we charge you EUR 10,– extra. Stealth-Delivery means that we repack your seeds from the original breederspacks into other very discreet packages.
Orders of EUR 150,– (€) or more we do not charge any shipping or handling fees. For return delivery and rejected delivery we have to charge you 10 % of the total amount!

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Security – SSL
For the order process we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) / TLS (Transport Layer Security) system. This is very useful cause with SSL / TLS it is not possible for third parties to see your details (name, adress, credit card details etc. ). For more information have a look at!

Tire Fire Regular Cannabis Seeds

Archive Seed Bank’s Tire Fire regular seeds are the result of crossing High Octane OG with Dosidos.

If you use strong and excellent parents only strong and excellent things can come out.

Archive Seed Bank presents us with this cross loaded with a penetrating gas aroma with hints of lemon and pine.

On the one hand we have the High Octane OG which is the maximum expression of the Kush varieties.

On the other hand we have the mythical Dosidos that gives it that creaminess in the aroma.

In addition to reaffirming the hardness of the flowers, which are extremely compact, and strengthening the structure of the plant.

With this combination we can expect medium-sized plants with good production and, above all, loaded with a peculiar aroma.

This aroma is being a winning bet in extraction professionals who are observing the potential of the resin of this plant.

What scent does this Archive Seed Bank strain have?

  • Very penetrating gas aroma with hints of lemon and pine.

What flowering period does Tire Fire have?

  • Indoor: 9-10 weeks.
  • Exterior: Middle of October.

You can consult the description of this variety on the official website of Archive Seed Bank.

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And here the rest of the varieties of Archive we work.

Please note: This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. This content is for informational and educational use only. Growlet sells all seeds strictly for souvenir or collecting purposes. We do not encourage the germination of cannabis seeds and we reject the use of our products illegally.