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Where to buy marijuana seeds humbold county california

Humboldt Seeds

Humboldt buds have a chunky shape after being trimmed. The nugs have a tight, indica-type bud structure, with small leaves that twist inward toward their central core. The leaves are a dark shade of forest green and are threaded with chestnut-colored pistils

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Humboldt Seeds – Strain History

This classic sativa-dominant hybrid pays respect to Northern California’s cannabis heartland. Humboldt County California is known for having fertile land and coastal climates which are especially suitable for rearing amazing cannabis. The Humboldt Seed strain is believed to be a hybrid of Jack #33 and an Afghani indica. Humboldt’s exact lineage remains a mystery, but its exotic hashy fragrance suggests an Afghani indica descent. Whether that’s the case or not, its ambiguous background did not hinder it from stealing the spotlight. Its sophisticated aroma alone is reason enough to seek out this rare bud. The profoundly relaxing and Haze-like uplifting effects have become legendary. It’s an excellent choice for Sativa and Indica lovers alike, and it can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


Humboldt buds have a chunky shape after being trimmed. The nugs are wide at the base then taper off towards the top. They have a tight, indica-type bud structure, with small leaves that twist inward toward their central core. The leaves are a dark shade of forest green and are threaded with chestnut-colored pistils. A generous coating of frosty trichomes falls like snow from the buds when gently handled.

Humboldt Strain Aroma

The smell immediately captures the exact essence of California Cannabis. After sampling Humboldt, you will never forget the sweet and floral sandalwood aroma combined with a creamy and spiced hash taste. The solid Afghani heritage is why Humboldt tastes both old-school delicious and like a modern elite kush hybrid. The smell and taste are unforgettable and Humboldt will be the first thing you think of when someone mentions California cannabis.


The exact terpene profile of the Humboldt cannabis strain contains caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, humulene, and bisabolol. This combination helps to impart a delicious flavor to the weed as well as act to deter insects.


Humboldt cannabis flower can help to treat depression, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and lack of appetite. The THC levels average around 16-20%. CBD levels are somewhat low, but the entourage effect of CBD combined with other cannabinoids is more than enough for most people to get medical relief just from using this strain.


Right out the gate, Humboldt blasts users with a potent sativa buzz that can help relieve the monotony of doing chores. While the uninitiated may be caught off guard or disturbed by these effects, those who go with the flow will find themselves settling into a carefree mental state.

As time passes or with increased dosage, the Afghani indica side begins to surface and the passive body high discourages general productivity.

Growing Humboldt Seeds

With proper care, Humboldt seeds grow very well indoors and out. One of the best characteristics of the strain is the strong resistance to common pests and diseases. It usually takes between 7 to 9 weeks for Humboldt flowers to mature.

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A high yielder, it produces a minimum of 16oz/m2 indoors. Outdoor growing is more successful in regions where the weather is warm, dry, and open to lots of airflow. Properly maintained outdoor plants can produce as much as 22oz of cannabis each by mid-October.

The Best California Dispensaries to Buy Cannabis Seeds & Clones

Growing your own cannabis is now legal in California under Proposition 64. If you happen to smoke often, consider gardening mandatory.

This simple but revolutionary act will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, provide a fun hobby, and give you access to rare cultivars that you can’t find at local dispensaries. Plus, watching cannabis grow is one of life’s pleasures, encouraging a more personal connection to the plant, and a deeper appreciation to your DIY supply.

California is the best place in the world to buy legal cannabis seeds — since 2018, they’ve been on sale in dozens of stores across the state. All you need is a valid I.D. showing you are 21 and over, and some cash. Here’s the best dispensaries in California to get your garden growing in 2019.

Start fantasizing about your backyard crop by browsing the menus, find the plants best suited to your needs at a dispensary near you, and begin planning your Spring garden now!

Best Southern California Seed & Clone Stores

Buds and Roses in Studio City, Los Angeles

With fresh drops from Dark Heart including fun, new strains like Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Napali Pink, and Mirage, expect to find clones at this acclaimed L.A. dispensary along with about 20 seed varieties from Equilibrium Genetics, including several CBD-rich strains. Choose from Black Lemon Glue, Orange AC/DC, Cheese Lights and many more, ranging from $45 to $79 for a six-pack of seeds. Set a few plants out on your sunny patio to enjoy while you relax poolside!

BARC Beverly Alternative Relief, near Beverly Hills

Yo, the one percent needs good herb, too. Maybe it’ll chill them out a bit — make ‘em more magnanimous. Pop into clone outlet BARC near Beverly Hills to scoop up new clones from Dark Heart Nursery including Original Glue, CBD-rich Remedy, and the on-trend Black Jack at BARC this winter.

Desert Organic Solutions in Palm Springs

Desert dwellers south and east of Los Angeles can tap the power of the blazing sun to grow their own affordable supplies of CBD-rich cultivars from Equilibrium Genetics — in stock at Desert Organic Solutions in Palm Springs. CBD Glue Tide 1:1 takes the joy of Original Glue’s aroma and pairs it with the soothing effects of CBD. The strain Orange Romulawi promises a trippy mix of citrus, sedative Romulan, and energetic Malawi. As for “Lemon Wookie Glue”? That’s all you to discover.

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805 Beach Breaks in Grover Beach, San Luis Obispo County

The weather and soil of San Luis Obispo County makes it an agricultural center for all kinds of produce, cannabis included. 805 Beach Breaks in Grover Beach is your connection to seeds from top-ranked California breeder Cali Connection. Cali Connection’s feminized Blue Dream Haze is so easy to grow, you can toss a few beans in your backyard, set it, and nearly forget it till harvest.

Don’t Want to Grow?

Leafly Finder Locates Top-Shelf Flowers Near You


Best Northern California Cannabis Seed Stores

Bloom Room in San Francisco

Tucked into an alley in downtown San Francisco, this tiny shop has a reputation for carrying boutique flowers that you can’t find anywhere else, and their seed selection is no different! Here you’ll find a dozen unheard-of varieties from Cult Classic Seeds, a Sonoma County breeder with novel genetics named American Girl, Ripple, and SmokeyMon, fairly priced at $100 for a ten-pack. Don’t leave without picking up an eighth of flower from Red Beard Farms or JAHnetics, you’ll be glad you did!

Berkeley Patients Group in Berkeley

This pioneering Berkeley dispensary stocks just a few seed varieties from Cali Connection, Crockett Family Farms, and TGA Seeds. Look for the CBD OG seeds if you’re interested in growing a CBD-rich variety, while TGA’s Vortex is a lovely award-winning sativa that would benefit from stretching out in a sunny backyard. Prices at BPG range from $80 for a five-pack of Vortex to $110 for 12 seeds of Crockett’s highly resinous Clifford cultivar.

Harborside in San Jose and Oakland

A robust genetics department stocked with seeds and clones has always been part of Harborside’s trailblazing business model, with knowledgeable staff available to assist with cultivation questions. Over a dozen Dark Heart clones were in stock recently, including Do-Si-Dos, Purple Punch, Sherbet and Blackjack. Look for seeds from Humboldt Seed Company, including favorites like Lemon Kush, Humboldt Headband and GS Cookies, priced at $110 for a 20-pack.

Bumper Crop: Grab Crockett seeds this year and vault to the front of the pack. (Courtesy Crockett Seeds)

Humboldt Patient Resource Center in Arcata

It’s worth a road trip up to Humboldt to visit this genetics mecca, where you can choose from an overwhelming 200+ varieties of seeds from industry leaders like Humboldt Seed Company, TGA Genetics, Rebel Grown, Crockett Family Farms, and DNA Genetics, as well as rarities from local breeders like South Fork Seed Collective ,and NorStar Genetics. Look for old-school favorites like Cannalope Haze from DNA Genetics, Pre-98 Bubba Kush from Cali Connection, and Jack’s Cleaner from TGA Genetics, who also offers five seeds for just $30, making it more affordable to mix and match a few different varieties. HPRC lists more seeds on Leafly than any other place in the world!

Satori Wellness in McKinleyville

With over 80 seed varieties in stock, Satori Wellness is a great spot to score genetics from Humboldt Seed Co., Crockett Family Farms, and Talking Trees Farms. Prices range from $50 for six seeds from Equilibrium, with 20-packs from Humboldt Seed Co. holding steady at $100, and a ten-pack of sought-after Melon Chunks from Dying Breed at $350. Commercial growers can stock up on 100 Pineapple Tsunami seeds for $399, enough to plant a field full of this CBD-rich cultivar. Small-scale growers can source enduring classics like Jack Herer, OG Kush and AK-47, which have become hard to find on dispensary shelves, and if you go on “Farmer Fridays,” you get 10% off seeds!

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Santa Cruz Naturals in Aptos

Pick up fun flavors from Crockett Family Farms at this Aptos dispensary, including feminized varieties of hot new strains Cherry Poppins, Georgia Peach, and Slurpee Syrup, which are guaranteed to produce female plants, eliminating guesswork for growers. A six-pack of feminized seeds costs $125, compared to regular varieties of Banana Pie and Strawberry Fields priced at $115 for a 12-pack.

CannaCruz in Santa Cruz

This bud boutique only stocks a few select seeds from Equilibrium Genetics, including classic cornerstone genetics like Northern Lights, which every grower should plant at least once in their lifetime. Smoking Northern Lights is like taking a time machine back to the 1990s, when kind bud was slowly spreading throughout the United States and grunge reigned supreme. Prices for six seeds range from $40 to $70, making it possible to pick more than one strain for your summer garden. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try the Super Sour Orange, a cross of Super Sour Diesel and African Orange.

Mercy Wellness of Cotati

Another outpost for Equilibrium Genetics with almost 20 varieties in stock. Get your garden started at minimal cost by spending just $40 for six seeds of either Orange AC/DC, Dream Queen Glue, CBD Orange Tide, Lemon Wookie Glue, or Cookies Glue. For $70, choose from an interesting old-school Panama Red cultivar with 2:1 CBD ratio, or Nelson’s Ledges, a legendary strain from Ohio with a colorful backstory.

Humboldt Seed Org

Humboldt was the epicentre of the cannabis industry, and it’s a place where they are known for their cannabis production across North America. Even with legalization, Humboldt County has cemented itself in cannabis history and culture.

Humboldt Seed Organization is a group of cannabis cultivators who take pride in producing premium cannabis varieties for dispensaries, growers, and consumers.

Through decades of hard work and a passion for the medicinal properties cannabis produces, they have created some of the best cannabis genetics known to California.

Humboldt Seed Organization puts sustainability best practices at the top of its list. They help farmers and businesses buy locally, use organic nutrients, respect their relationship with their environment, and recycle all waste. That’s how they can produce the best organic cannabis genetics.

Helping people and creating innovative cannabis genetics that is clean and effective is what they strive for.