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Where to get marijuana seeds reddit

What is the safest way to buy seeds online?

Obviously I don’t want to be giving out my credit card information and address to get in trouble but I have never done this before, any tips?

I just took the plunge and assumed it was safe if everyone else is doing it. It worked out well so I guess my advice is don’t worry? Probably bad advice.

prepaid gift cards at walmart, there is like a 5 dollar charge for it. They only have like 25/50/100 cards, none of the set your amount type, at least not at my walmart. i’d use attitude seedbank if i were you, they have guaranteed shipping options.

Best place to order marijuana seeds from American Company.

2nd twisted tree for there sale rn I’ve got some of there’s as my first seed packs.

Supreme Seed Bank is great. They shipped the day after I ordered. I’ve heard good things about North Atlantic Seed Co., too.

Oregon Elite Seeds is dependable, but they only take cash or money order–kind of a hassle. out of colorado . alot of purple punch and stardawg crosses.

Are you in St. Louis if so head to GrowActive Solutions in tower grove they have locally sourced seeds

I have grown his tapout and mother tongue strains, pictures on my profile.

I also have a “main event” bean pack of his that I will grow soon.

DcSeedExchange is really fast w shipping shipped out of Washington DC and has a lot of variety. I’ve used them multiple times for Wicked Pissah auto flowers and Mandalorian Genetics which are both incredible. Mandalorian offers f9’s even so incredibly stable genetics.

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I used pacificseedbank and have got some quality plants.

i’ve had good luck with new420guy seeds. good prices, and my last order came within a week. is my favorite so far. They have a solid variety of auto, feminized and regular. Their prices are unbeatable. Usually less than $15/seed, with discounts for quantity. They have free shipping deals sometimes and quick turnaround. I ordered on a Wednesday and they were here on Monday. They usually include freebies, stickers, seeds, etc.