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Wisconsin marijuana seeds

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Wisconsin

Laws on Buying & Growing Marijuana Seeds in Wisconsin in 2022. Growing Tips, Recommended Seed Strains, and the Best Seed Banks That Deliver to The Badger State.

Although it seems like every state in the United States is taking a step in the right direction with cannabis laws — Wisconsin continues to lag behind.

From medical marijuana to recreational cannabis, the Badger State has yet to implement progressive laws that allow residents to consume marijuana safely. However, if you’re ready to grow cannabis seeds at home without further delay — this guide is for you!

Below, you’ll discover the best online seed banks to buy cannabis seeds, top-shelf seed strains, grow tips, and a historical account of cannabis laws in Wisconsin.

In a Nutshell — The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in Wisconsin

Overall, Wisconsin continues to promote bygone era cannabis laws.

In other words, all forms of cannabis are illegal — except CBD oil. Here’s a list of current cannabis laws in Wisconsin:

  • Medical marijuana is illegal
  • Recreational cannabis is illegal
  • Growing cannabis seeds from seed banks is illegal
  • Medical CBD is legal

As you can see — the Badger State isn’t weed-friendly. However, that won’t stop someone ready and willing to grow cannabis seeds in the comfort of home.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about growing weed seeds, where to buy cannabis seeds online, recommended seed strains to grow in Wisconsin, and a look at cannabis laws in the Badger State.

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Growing Cannabis Seeds in Wisconsin

Growing marijuana seeds in Wisconsin is a straightforward task if you understand the various pitfalls that await you.

From law enforcement to judging the perfect time to germinate weed seeds — you’ll be glad you found this guide to light the way on your journey to a successful harvest.

When to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Wisconsin

Wisconsin features a continental humid climate, which means hot and humid summers and frigid winters.

As you can imagine, the growing season is short in Wisconsin, and the cold temperatures prevail during most of the year. Therefore, you must germinate your cannabis seeds outdoors during the proper window.

Overall, the best time to germinate cannabis seeds outdoors in Wisconsin is during the beginning and end of May. By waiting until May — you’ll avoid the last remnants of frost.

If you grow cannabis indoors, however, you can germinate weed seeds year-round without worry.

Wisconsin features a continental humid climate, which means hot and humid summers and frigid winters.

Issues to Consider When Growing Marijuana Seeds In Wisconsin

When it comes to growing cannabis seeds — you bet there are issues you need to watch out for.

Luckily, we’ve covered the bulk of problematic issues that you may encounter. Here’s a list of issues that you may experience while growing marijuana seeds in Wisconsin this year:

  • Law enforcement
  • Thieves
  • Inclement weather
  • Pests and diseases

As you’ll notice — each of the problems can end your cannabis garden for good. Therefore, we recommend you read our in-depth analysis of each section to understand better what you’re dealing with.

Law Enforcement

The worst-case scenario for any cannabis grower is seeing the police strolling to their front door.

Remember, growing cannabis seeds is a serious criminal offense in Wisconsin. Therefore, mixing cannabis seeds and the police is a combination that you don’t want to experience.

Ultimately, your goal during the growing season is to avoid the boys and girls in blue. The best way to protect your cannabis crop is by growing it discreetly.

If you grow cannabis indoors — make sure you incorporate a carbon filter. Furthermore, your marijuana garden should never be visible from the outside. As long as no one knows what’s going on behind your closed doors — you should avoid any run-ins with the police.

If you grow cannabis seeds outdoors — camouflage is your best friend. In other words, grow similar-looking plants around your marijuana plants, such as tomatoes. Additionally, high fencing that shuns prying eyes is a must-have.


Similar to the police — you want to avoid thieves at all costs.

Due to ongoing cannabis prohibition, the black market thrives in Wisconsin. Therefore, thieves fetch a high price for selling stolen weed to local dealers.

If you want to avoid thieves — never tell anyone that you grow cannabis seeds or plants. Whether you live in Madison or New Berlin — telling one person about your cannabis garden may snowball into half of the town by the end of the weekend.

Therefore, the best strategy to avoid cannabis thieves is to keep your marijuana garden to yourself.

Remember, it’s a good idea to incorporate security measures, such as video surveillance, motion-activated lights, alarms, and high fencing.

To avoid thieves, you should never tell anyone that you’re growing cannabis seeds at home.

Inclement Weather

When it comes to bad weather — Wisconsin sees it all.

Whether it’s an epic polar vortex or tornado — Wisconsin is no stranger to inclement weather. However, understanding the potential of bad weather will better prepare you and your marijuana garden.

Ultimately, the growing season in Wisconsin is brief. Therefore, it’s your job to buy fast-flowering cannabis seed strains and pull down a harvest before the mercury drops below freezing.

In states like Wisconsin — speed is key to a successful harvest at the end of the season.

Pests and Diseases

Due to the humid nature of Wisconsin’s climate — you should expect run-ins with bacteria, fungi, and pests.

From powdery mildew to bud rot, there are many pests and diseases that can wreak havoc on your marijuana garden. Therefore, you’ll need to implement a sound IPM strategy to avoid significant pest and disease outbreaks.

First, you should always buy disease and pest-resistant seed strains from an online seed bank. Second, always have organic pesticides and fungicides on hand if things get out of control in the outdoor or indoor garden.

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Wisconsin

Now, let’s talk about a few battle-tested tips for growing marijuana seeds in Wisconsin.

By following these tips, you’ll experience scale-busting yields of top-shelf buds coated in delicious and potent resin.

Buy Cannabis Seeds From a Reputable Online or Local Seed Bank in Wisconsin

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds — there’s no better place than an online seed bank.

Seed banks are the gateway to thousands of verified seed strains. From award-winners to heavy-yielders, you’ll always find the perfect seed strain at an online seed bank.

However, not all online seed banks are created equal.

Instead, there are a handful of seed banks that stand above the rest. It’s these reputable seed banks that you should buy your marijuana seeds. From top-shelf customer service to incredibly priced seed strains, trustworthy online seed banks are the way to go.

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Aside from reputation, you should always buy cannabis seeds from seed banks that deliver to Wisconsin.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Regional Climate in Wisconsin

Next, you must buy cannabis seeds according to your local climate in Wisconsin.

In other words, you should not buy a long-flowering sativa seed strain if you plan on growing outdoors in Wisconsin. Instead, you must focus on fast-flowering autoflowering or feminized seed strains if growing outdoors in Wisconsin.

However, growing cannabis indoors allows more freedom regarding seed strain selection due to the climate-controlled environment.

You must buy cannabis seeds according to your local climate in Wisconsin.

Plan Your Cannabis Garden in Advance

Last but not least is to plan your cannabis garden.

Whether you grow cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors — your goal should be to complete the garden before you germinate seeds.

Even if your marijuana seeds arrive from an online seed bank earlier than expected — wait until you finish setting up the garden before you pop them!

Which Marijuana Seed Store Is the Best Option For Residents in Wisconsin?

Next, let’s discuss which of the two different types of seed banks is the best option for residents in Wisconsin.

Local Cannabis Seed Stores in Wisconsin

Considering cannabis cultivation is illegal in Wisconsin — you won’t find a legal seed bank while strolling through downtown Madison.

Instead, you may come across a multitude of hemp shops. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a seed bank that offers verified cannabis seed strains in Wisconsin.

Online Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship to Wisconsin

If you want to buy the best cannabis seeds in Wisconsin — you need to shop at an online seed bank.

Our two favorite online seed banks that deliver to Wisconsin are:

From hundreds of top-shelf seed strains to daily discounts, you’ll always find the right cannabis seeds for your garden in Wisconsin with ILGM or MSNL Seed Bank.

Recommended Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy From Online Seed Banks and Grow In Wisconsin

Now, let’s talk about our three favorite seed strains to grow in Wisconsin!

Whether you’re an outdoors grower or a complete beginner, each of these seed strains will produce top-shelf buds that shouldn’t be missed this year.

Auto Blue Dream Seed Strain

Blue Dream Auto

The Blue Dream seed strain is one of the most legendary varieties in the cannabis industry for a good reason.

From lip-smacking terpenes to ease-of-growth, the Blue Dream seed strain is too good to be true. However, the Auto Blue Dream seed strain takes this hybrid classic to a whole ‘nother level.

The Auto Blue Dream seed strain flowers super fast — within 8-weeks. Furthermore, the Blue Dream seed strain’s stature remains small during the flowering stage, which is ideal for gardens with limited space.

Last but not least, the Auto Blue Dream seed strain is easy to grow indoors and outdoors. Once you harvest these dreamy buds — you’ll understand why every cannabis cultivator should have Auto Blue Dream seeds on deck at all times.

Auto Gelato Seed Strain

The Auto Gelato seed strain is the gift that keeps on giving.

From mind-blowing effects to delicious terpenes, you’ll never forget the Auto Gelato seed strain. Furthermore, there’s nothing like growing a top-shelf strain with maximum ease, which is one of the best characteristics of the Auto Gelato seed strain.

From its 8-week flowering time to ease-of-growth, the Auto Gelato seed strain is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Additionally, the Auto Gelato seed strain excels in outdoor and indoor environments.

If you’re ready to taste the rainbow while experiencing hours of profound relaxation — look no further than the Auto Gelato seed strain.

Wedding Cake Feminized Seed Strain

The Wedding Cake Feminized seed strain is your ticket to ounces of gorgeous buds.

Aside from Wedding Cake’s stunning yield — it’s beyond easy to grow indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the Wedding Cake seed strain can handle Wisconsin’s continental-style climate with ease.

In as little as 8-weeks, you’ll uncover some of the best flowers you’ve ever seen. From eye-popping potency to mouth-watering flavors, the Wedding Cake Feminized seed strain is a must-have for this year’s growing season.

If you’re ready to experience what the West Coast has been raging about — look no further than the Wedding Cake Feminized seed strain.

The History of Cannabis in Wisconsin

Although Wisconsin doesn’t allow recreational or medical marijuana — cannabis reform is a hot topic in the Badger State.

From decriminalization to allowing medical CBD, lawmakers, and voters have passed a multitude of progressive cannabis laws throughout the last several decades. Below, you’ll soon learn about the history of cannabis in Wisconsin.

Cannabis Laws in Wisconsin

From cannabis prohibition to medical CBD — Wisconsin is slowly but surely moving towards progressive marijuana laws.

However, you must understand the various cannabis laws in Wisconsin to understand what’s on the horizon. Therefore, read along and discover the laws that have come and gone since cannabis was first outlawed in the 1930s.

Wisconsin Bans Cannabis

Although Wisconsin was one of the largest hemp producers in the early 1900s — lawmakers decided to prohibit all forms of cannabis in 1939.

However, the Rens Hemp Company continued to produce hemp-based materials for the US Navy throughout the Second World War. However, even the Rens Hemp Company was shut down after 1958 due to legal complications.

The Rens Hemp Company continued to produce hemp-based materials for the US Navy throughout the Second World War.

Cannabis Reform in Wisconsin Throughout the Decades

The first instance of cannabis reform in Wisconsin happened in Madison.

In 1977, voters decided to approve a measure that allowed residents to possess up to 4-ounces of cannabis at home. The measure stated that individuals caught with the same amount of cannabis in public were subject to a $109 fine.

The second instance of cannabis reform in Wisconsin was in Milwaukee.

In 1997, the acting Mayor signed a bill that decriminalized up to 25-grams of cannabis. Instead, individuals found with less than 25-grams of cannabis received a fine instead of jail time.

In 2014, Dane County residents approved a measure that stated the district’s support for recreational cannabis reform.

Madison and Milwaukee Lead Cannabis Reform in Wisconsin

In 2020 and 2021, Madison and Milwaukee pushed forth decriminalization laws.

In Madison, the approved legislation allows individuals to possess up to one ounce of cannabis. In Milwaukee, the approved bill reduced the penalty for possessing up to 25-grams of cannabis to $1.

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Wisconsin Legalized CBD Oil

In 2014, the Wisconsin Act 267 went live and legalized CBD oil.

The Act, also known as Lydia’s Law, was primarily for patients with severe forms of epilepsy. However, CBD advocates stated that the law did not cover enough health issues to make a significant impact in Wisconsin.

Overall, residents can only obtain CBD oil if a doctor finds that they require CBD to alleviate their health issues.

In 2014, the Wisconsin Act 267 went live and legalized CBD oil.

The Path to Legal Cannabis in Wisconsin

Although Wisconsin remains unjustifiably staunch against meaningful cannabis reform — the newly elected Governor of Wisconsin is pro-cannabis.

Tony Evers of the Democratic Party has been a staunch supporter of medical and recreational cannabis. Evers has stated on multiple occasions that his goal is to decriminalize and legalize cannabis during his term as Governor.

In other words, legal cannabis may not be far away as long as Tony Evers remains Governor of Wisconsin.

The Legality of Cannabis Seeds and Seed Banks in Wisconsin

Overall, cannabis seeds are not illegal unless germinated.

When consumers buy marijuana seeds from an online seed bank — the receipt claims the seeds as novelties. Once germinated, however, the seeds are no longer novelties but plants that produce Schedule I substances.

Local seed banks are currently illegal in Wisconsin. Although seeds themselves are not necessarily illegal — local seed banks cannot operate in the Badger State.

Cannabis seeds in Wisconsin

Are you interested in growing marijuana seeds in Wisconsin? Green fever is sweeping the USA, but not all states see the benefits of legalizing weed. Before you start cultivating cannabis, you need to understand the laws regarding this miracle herb.

We took an in-depth look at the Dairy State and its stance on cannabis for recreational and medicinal use. You’ll discover everything you need to know before embarking on your cultivating journey and where to buy weed seeds in Wisconsin.

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Wisconsin?

Is weed legal in Wisconsin? Unfortunately, buying and growing marijuana seeds in Wisconsin for recreational purposes is illegal.

The state still views cannabis as a schedule 1 drug and is yet to decriminalize its possession.

At the same time, a few local jurisdictions have taken matters into their own hands. Madison, for example, has decriminalized possessing marijuana up to 0.9 ounces, but the penalties for this act remain the same.

The state classifies possessing any amount of cannabis as a misdemeanor. First-time offenders will receive up to 6 months in jail and receive a fine of $1,000. Any subsequent charges will result in a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence and a $10,000 penalty.

What’s more, growing marijuana seeds in Wisconsin is a federal offense.

If you’re caught cultivating up to four cannabis plants, you’ll get a fine of $10,000 and a three-and-a-half-year jail sentence. Anything over this amount and the charges drastically increase.

Medical marijuana, on the other hand, became legal in the Dairy State in 2014. Patients need to first acquire a doctor’s recommendation before purchasing cannabis seeds in Wisconsin. There are restrictions in place, limiting you to CBD products with less than 0.3% THC.

Many have tried to put bills forward and change the current medical legislation, but their efforts are ignored.

The most recent development saw a bill that would grant patients the right to carry up to three ounces of cannabis. It would also allow cultivating up to twelve marijuana seeds in Wisconsin.

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in Wisconsin?

Due to the illegal status of weed, we recommend waiting until the legislation changes before planting any marijuana seeds in Wisconsin. That way, you can avoid any unnecessary run-ins with the law and stay out of prison.

To prepare for weed’s inevitable legalization, we look at the main two growing techniques and which one will give you the best results.

Thanks to its favorable climate, we recommend cultivating your marijuana seeds in Wisconsin outdoors. This is fantastic news because this method is much more cost-effective than indoor growing, allowing anyone to benefit from weed.

It’s a great way for beginners to hone their craft and learn how to care for their cannabis seeds properly. The only real downside is the limited growing calendar, whereas indoor cultivation allows you to raise plants all year round.

Climate Conditions

The Dairy State experiences a host of weather conditions, from sweltering heat to freezing snowfall. Fortunately, this is good news if you hope to grow marijuana seeds in Wisconsin, but you’ll need to care for your plants regularly.

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll need to plan on planting your weed seeds in early spring. You can then take full advantage of the hot summer sun in the midwest to help your crop grow strong and healthy.

You can then aim to harvest your marijuana seeds in Wisconsin by October. To speed up this process, consider purchasing a batch of autoflower seeds. This variety of cannabis offers a shorter flowering time but at the expense of some overall yield.

Another advantage to planting weed outdoors in the state is its fantastic soil quality. The high levels of nitrogen allow your crop to flourish. Plus, if you ever need organic nutrients, you can purchase some compost from one of the many dairy farms in the area.

You should test the water you’re feeding your cannabis seeds in Wisconsin, as the pH levels are slightly acidic. What’s more, you should keep an eye out for mold appearing on your plants because of regular thunderstorms followed by hot temperatures.

Make sure to utilize a spot that receives at least 13 hours of sunlight a day. You’ll also need enough space to erect a support structure. Things such as trellis nets stop branches from breaking under the weight of heavy colas.

If you’d prefer to keep your plants out of the public eye, you may want to investigate indoor growing. This technique gives you full control over your crop’s growing conditions. Indoor growing also allows you to cultivate your marijuana seeds in Wisconsin at any time during the year.

One of the biggest downsides to the indoor method is the cost to set up. You’ll need everything from lights to a ventilation system. Plus, running all this equipment will raise your monthly utility bill exponentially.

Another disadvantage to this technique is the steep learning curve required to raise marijuana seeds in Wisconsin effectively. You need to know the optimal temperature range for the specific cultivar you’re growing and the amount of light your crop desires.

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Best strains to grow in Wisconsin

If you’ve ever researched different cannabis cultivars, you’ll know just how many different varieties you can get. The only issue is that not all weed types will excel in the Midwest region.

When you can legally buy marijuana seeds in Wisconsin, we recommend selecting an indica-dominant hybrid. The reason for this is because this type of weed handles temperature changes a lot better than others.

Indica seeds are also great in areas with short autumn months as they flower faster. Additionally, cultivars with increased resistance to mold will flourish far easier.

Once purchasing marijuana seeds in Wisconsin becomes legal, consider getting yourself a pack of Auto Cream Candy seeds. This delicious cultivar offers powerful relaxing effects, perfect for winding down after a stressful day. They’re also autoflowering seeds, so prepare for lightning-fast growth.

Another terrific option is feminized Cheese seeds. This cultivar possesses an intense cheddar cheese aroma, making it a suitable marijuana mascot for the Dairy State. It’s tolerant of sudden weather changes and helps to relieve any tension you have in your body.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Wisconsin

As it currently stands, there are no Wisconsin seed banks that offer high THC seeds. Instead, these establishments cater to the growing hemp industry in the region. Also, the only Wisconsin dispensaries available sell only to registered medicinal patients.

Due to the illegal status of cannabis seeds, you’ll need to wait some time before you can purchase them locally. Thankfully, we live in a technological era, allowing you to buy marijuana seeds in Wisconsin online.

Why not choose i49 Genetics as your trusted online seed bank? We’ve built up a massive selection of different cultivars that are sure to interest you no matter your requirements. We also offer discreet delivery across the USA.
As soon as marijuana seeds in Wisconsin become legal, drop in and purchase a pack of our incredible cultivars. We look forward to hearing all about your growing experience. Plus, our ganja gurus are available if you ever need any assistance.

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  • Milwaukee
  • Green Bay

Outdoor Grow Calendar Our marijuana growing calendar will take you through every step of the grow cycle, depending on the region you are growing in North America.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Wisconsin

With no current medical marijuana legislation, except for a CBD program for those suffering from seizure disorders, you cannot legally buy marijuana seeds in Wisconsin, as both possession and cultivation are against state and federal law. Penalties can be harsh, with the cultivation of more than four plants resulting in a jail sentence of up to six years. Outdoor growing is more commonly practiced, as growing marijuana seeds indoors in Wisconsin often increases the risks and subsequent punishments.

With no legal retail outlets, the only way to purchase high quality marijuana seeds in Wisconsin, is online from a respected and reputable website. Cheap seeds may be available, by ‘knowing people’ but unless they were acquired from reputable sources, they are unlikely to produce an even crop of stable, high quality plants. Buy marijuana seeds in Wisconsin online and receive far more choice, with a selection of seeds and strains perfect for different growing styles and levels of experience, and while growing marijuana seeds in Wisconsin is prohibited, there are no laws governing the possession of marijuana seeds, until they are germinated and cultivated.

We offer a wide and varied selection of high quality marijuana seeds, perfect for all styles of growing and levels of experience. Good quality genetics and careful selection processes ensure that only the very best seeds are dispatched, with all seeds produced and supplied by I Love Growing Marijuana, a world leader in the production and distribution of high quality marijuana seeds. Enjoy guaranteed delivery and germination included in the price, ensuring that every seed you purchase will produce the highest quality plant, with the taste, aroma and effects you selected.

Marijuana seeds can vary from pure Indica through to pure Sativa based plants, each with different characteristics and attributes. Indica dominant plants generally remain smaller and form a bushy, dense shape, while Sativa dominant plants usually grow taller and require a few weeks longer to fully flower and mature. Some strains are considered easier to grow and perfect compared to others. Often referred to as beginner strains, they are of a hardier nature, and are more forgiving of many of the common mistakes made by new and inexperienced growers.

Feminized seeds are usually the preferred choice for marijuana growers in Wisconsin, guaranteeing female plants from every seed. Grown either indoors or outside, they require twelve hours of regular, uninterrupted darkness to produce their very best yields, growing throughout the Spring and Summer months, flowering and maturing towards the end of the season. Our selective collection of high quality autoflowering marijuana seeds are also feminized, guaranteeing a female plant from every seed. Alternatively, to create your seeds and clones we have a choice of high quality regular marijuana seeds containing the highest quality genetics. With every seed containing both male and female generating seeds, they are the perfect choice for those growers wishing to produce seeds for the following season, or plant a larger ‘clone-garden’ of guaranteed female plants.

Best Choice Of Marijuana Seeds

Choosing The Best Marijuana Seeds

Every grower and smoker has their own opinion of the best marijuana strain and seeds. Some are driven by taste and aroma, others by the effects and ‘high’ it produces. All our recommended marijuana seeds for sale offer the best genetics available, producing the finest examples of their strain. You can choose from a wide selection of strains in regular, feminized and autoflowering varieties, depending upon your own personal tastes. Planting a variety of both autoflowering and feminized seeds outdoors is often considered one of the best ways to achieve a regular and abundant supply of fresh, high quality buds, from as early as mid-Summer onward. Planting several different varieties over the course of the early Spring and Summer months produces staggered harvests with a variety of tastes, aroma’s and effects.

Indoor growing does increase the risks associated with growing marijuana seeds in Wisconsin, as it’s difficult to deny they are yours if you are caught. It does however, allow for year-round growing and can create a more ambient climate for the plants to grow in. Growing indoors does require investment into necessary equipment and increases the running and total costs involved with producing marijuana, but often produces the best quality plants and most potent yields. Buy marijuana seeds in Wisconsin that best reflect your growing style and chosen cultivation method.